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Every Winner At The 20th BAFTA Games Awards – GameInformer.com

Baldur’s Gate 3 comes out on top at the 20th Annual BAFTA Games Awards in London with five wins, including Best Game and Music. Super Mario Bros., Alan Wake 2, and Viewfinder all walked away with multiple wins as well.


9 of the biggest announcements from the first Triple-i Initiative showcase – Polygon.com

Triple-i Initiative has brought together a list of top indie developers to showcase a collection of “blockbuster indie titles.” Polygon highlights nine of the 30 game reveals and announcements, including Slay the Spire 2 reveal and Palworld: Arena Teaser.


CD Projekt boss says the studio needed to change how it makes games – GameDeveloper.com

Michael Nowakowshi, CD Projekt joint-CEO, opens up about the studio’s new “agile” management style that should help avoid layoffs in the future while providing a more organic style of development. Nowakowshi also discusses the potential use of AI and how the company’s delve into multimedia has proven to have helpful and symbiotic results.


Saber’s Matthew Karch: “The AAA model is going to change” – GamesIndustry.biz

Saber Interactive’s CEO, Matthew Karch, discusses the flaws of the AAA gaming model and how the recent layoffs will filter into a reduced number of new releases in the near future. In contrast, Karch views Saber’s strategic decision making as the reason Saber has been able to keep overhead down and their products’ price points low.