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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Season 6 – GameSpot

Season 6 for Modern Warfare is now live, coming out with a series of changes along with a future content teaser. The story starts when Nikolai and Farah, characters from the game’s campaign mode, discover a secret about Al Qatala’s operations in Verdansk. The Metro system that loops around the map has activated and allows players to travel inside the Warzone quickly. Modern Warfare received two new multiplayer maps, new game modes, and a new battle pass.


Call of Duty: Black ops Cold War Zombies – Polygon

The newest upcoming Call of Duty game, Black ops Cold War, will see the return of the fan-favorite Zombies mode. The mode retains the popular 4-player co-op and features Cold War-era weapons to use against the undead. Initially, the story follows a group of agents exploring a WWII German bunker that started the zombie outbreak. Cold War Zombies is bringing back all the past popular gameplay elements, adding on to them, and also removing some restrictions. Players can also use Field Upgrades, which sound similar to those in Modern Warfare, and call in for an evac after a certain point if they want, though doing so will cause zombie spawns to increase to such levels that prevent players from ending the match.


New Valorant nerfs and buffs – Polygon

Valorant patch 1.09 brings a nerf to Operator along with some weapon tweaks and changes to other Agents. The big nerf is to the sniper rifle, which now costs more, does less damage, and fires slower. Another nerf was made to weapons, specifically jumping and shooting, making players take an accuracy penalty longer after landing.  As for Agents, some agents’ abilities received tweaks to make them weaker or stronger to balance gameplay.


Apex Legends cross-play Beta – The Verge

Developer Respawn announced that cross-play is coming out next week alongside a new event. Reportedly, the cross-play at this stage includes Xbox One, PS4, and PC, so everyone who plays on these platforms can now go head-to-head.  Cross-platform, however, omits cross-progression, so players cannot carry their progress onto a new platform. Players, additionally, have the option to disable cross-play if they do not wish to participate.