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Spider-Man on PS4 Remixes Comic Book Lore for a Fresh Superhero Story

This week Marvel released Spider-Man on the PlayStation 4.  Reviews have been generally positive with a Metacritic Metascore of 87 and a User Score of 8.4.  Developer Insomniac Games is putting a big emphasis on the story. The game offers a slightly new spin on the classic hero, one that takes a lot of established comic lore and mixes it up in fresh and interesting ways.  By avoiding the tedious backstories, the game spends more time focusing on less familiar characters.    You can find more detail on the freshened story at the link above.  But beware, it contains spoilers you may want to discover for yourself in the game.


Civilization VI is Coming to the Nintendo Switch

2K has announced that Civilization VI is coming to the Nintendo Switch console and is due to launch on November 16th of this year.   The Switch version looks to be the full game, and it will even come bundled with some of the later additions to the game, including the Viking, Poland, Australia, and Persia and Macedon content packs. It’ll also feature co-op and competitive play for up to four people playing wirelessly.   It was likely that this announcement was intended to be a part of the Nintendo Direct event that was postponed due to the earthquake in Hokkaido, Japan.


Xbox One’s Cortana Has a New Virtual Friend

Microsoft has announced Xbox Skill, which lets you control your Xbox One console with voice commands through other devices. With Xbox Skill, you’ll be able to order your console to follow your commands via Cortana or an Alexa-enabled device. For now, Xbox Skill is only available for U.S. Xbox Insiders in the Alpha Skip Ahead, Alpha, and Beta rings.


Eve Online Developer to be Acquired by Creators of Black Desert Online

CCP Games, creators of the famously complex spacefaring game Eve Online, will soon be acquired by Pearl Abyss. The South Korean developer and publisher is best known for its hit open-world action role-playing MMO Black Desert Online.  Reykjavik, Iceland-based CCP has been undergoing major transitions over the last few years. In late 2016, its flagship game Eve Online went free-to-play.