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Video Game Industry Statistics 2020 – WePC

Reports now say the Video Game Industry worldwide was worth $159Bil in 2020, a notable 9% annual increase. Based on growth trends, current forecasts estimate a total of $200Bil net worth by 2023. The greatest growth is expected in Latin America and APAC countries, both projected to grow around 10%. China and the USA have the largest number of consumers to date. Alongside general growth predictions, DLC sales should continue to grow too.


Square Enix hosting digital showcase next week – GameSpot

Square Enix is launching a recurring online event, titled Square Enix Presents, that showcases news, updates, and new games they are involved in. The headline feature for next week’s show is a new entry to the Life is Strange series. Other notable titles include the upcoming Outriders, Marvel’s Avengers, and Balan Wonderland.


Xbox and Bethesda discuss their future – Polygon

Leaders from Microsoft’s Xbox and Bethesda Softworks teams meet this week in a Livestream to publicly discuss the companies’ new relationship after Microsoft acquired ZeniMax media. Microsoft has announced that moving forward, Bethesda Softworks will develop exclusively for Xbox and PC systems.