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Halo Infinite – TechRadar

After initial teasing back in 2018, Halo Infinite has finally come to the foreground for Xbox.  Gameplay footage and release information arrived via Microsoft’s July Xbox Showcase. The Gameplay will be a departure from previous entries as Infinite will be open-world with RPG elements. The game will most likely release sometime between October and December timeframe.


New Fable announced for Xbox Series X – GameSpot

After years of speculation on another Fable game, Microsoft has announced that Playground Games will be developing the next installment for Xbox Series X and Windows 10. Almost no details came through in this reveal. The trailer was purely cinematic and served to announce to fans that another Fable game is in development.


Sea of Thieves ads a flamethrower – Polygon

With the July 29th update to Sea of Thieves, titled Ashen Winds, players can take on the new Ashen Lords and equip various new cosmetics and items. These skeletal foes are quite formidable and spawn randomly less burned by fire spouts and ash in combat. The big catch to these fights is that should players succeed, they receive an Ashen Winds skull. These skulls sell for large amounts of money and can be used as flamethrower weapons; however, they sell for much less if they run out of fuel.


Valorant, Killjoy reveal – Polygon

Valorant’s latest agent, Killjoy, has been revealed. She looks like a dangerous character with her arsenal of turrets, grenades, and traps. Her turret ability is likely to be the most problematic among the community as it allows her to watch multiple angles at once and get kills while not participating in a fight. The rest of her abilities are much less problematic but sound effective at locking down zones. Killjoy will be live for Act 2 on August 4th.