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Destiny 2: The Final Shape’s patch adds Prismatic and the game’s first episode – Polygon.com

Released this week, the expansion Destiny 2: The Final Shape features a long-awaited conclusion to the “Light and Darkness” saga while opening new story avenues. Players will expect a full campaign with a new “episodic format” featuring three episodes with three six-week acts.


South Korea’s NDUS Interactive raises $7.5M for third-person shooter game Xociety – VentureBeat.com

NDUS Interactive from South Korea has secured $7.5 million in funding for their newest third-person shooter, Xociety. Beta tests showed positive reception, with 11,000 hours of play time from 3,000 players across 76 countries.


Asia and MENA games market expected to hit $100bn by 2028 – GamesIndustry.biz

A new Niko Partners’ report projects expansive growth during the next five years in the Asia, Middle East, and MENA regions, with extensive growth in the India markets. Lisa Hanson, CEO of Niko Partners, stresses that “in order to gain meaningful access, companies must get to know the local market.”


Laced Records: Games companies are “leaving money on the table” with their soundtracks – GamesIndustry.biz

Laced Records has been working as a record label for AAA and indie titles, including the soundtrack for Alan Wake 2, which was released this past May. Laced Records now delves into publishing to assist companies in registering their content and expanding their profit on original IPs.