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Rainbow Six Siege gets esports related event map – Polygon
Siege will be getting a new map, and battle passes in celebration of The Six Invitational competitive Esports tournament. The new map, called Stadium, lies in a refurbished Greek Stadium and features a large kill house in the center. Stadium will let all players play any operator, even those they have not unlocked. As for the battle pass, players can unlock 50 rewards or buy the pass outright with R6 Credits; the premium pass track gives uniforms, Renown Boosters, and R6 Credits as well.

WoW’s last Battle for Azeroth update – VentureBeat
World of Warcraft’s last major patch, 8.3, before the next expansion launches this week. This patch will add a new end-game raid, two new allied races, new gear, and new scenarios where players fight through corrupted versions of the capital cities. In an interview with Blizzard’s reps, GamesBeat discussed why 8.3 would bring players back from WoW Classic, where the game intended to go moving forward, and details about the new allied races.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate receiving six new DLC characters -GameSpot
Smash Bros. Ultimate’s last Fighters Pass character is Byleth from Fire Emblem, but the game still has new DLC plans moving forward. Game Director Sakurai revealed six new DLC characters, which the company will unveil by December 31st of 2021. The new DLC will be Fighters Pass Vol. 2 and be $30 for pre-purchase at the end of January 2020. As for the end of this pass, a new stage will release alongside Byleth, Garreg Mach Monastery.

Monster Hunter World: Iceborne having PC save file problems – Polygon
Iceborne released for PC last week on Steam, and some players have reported problems with their save data. These players have reported an error mentioning a lack of viable save data, and continuing would start a new game and delete their old data. Capcom is aware of the issue but not giving much word beyond at this point; players, however, theorize that mods or the removal of a previous patch are to blame.