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Gen Con is back in person in September – Polygon

Gen Con, the United States’ longest-running tabletop convention, is going live and in-person again this September. Now running from September 16-19, the convention is a hybrid in-person and Livestream event hosted in Indianapolis. Based on projections, September should be clear enough to host a public event with reduced attendance. Should these projections change, the convention’s plans will adjust accordingly.


Super Nintendo World Opens – GameSpot

Super Nintendo World is now open at Universal Studios park in Osaka, Japan. Mario’s creator, Miyamoto, said he is happy to see the park finally open despite the pandemic and in time for the 35th anniversary. The park has health and safety protocols in place, allowing guests to visit the park in-person safely. Universal Studios parks in Orlando, Hollywood, and Singapore are receiving Mario-themed attractions but will not be launching anything for some time.


GeForce Now subscription price doubles – Polygon

Nvidia effectively doubles its cloud streaming service’s price with the introduction of the new Priority membership of $99.99/year, making it their most expensive option. GeForce Now allows players to stream games they own on a PC platform using Nvidia servers.


Embracer group planning more expansion – GamesIndustry.biz

Embracer group is gearing up to acquire more studios, raising more than $890 million. The group is looking to acquire more developers, publishers, and other assets, likely to increase the number of IPs under their control. Their tactic in raising this money is to trade shares with Swedish-based investors.