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Overwatch Storm Rising Runs from April 16 to May 6

The Overwatch Archives event included a trailer video which released the first glimpses of the new Havana map and Talon council member Maximilien. Overwatch Storm Rising will be the third chapter of Archives, following Uprising and Retribution. Storm Rising takes place six years before the current day, and focuses on a squad led by Tracer.


Bungie to Issue Destiny 2 Fix That Blocks Xbox One And PC Players From Equipping PS4-Exclusive Weapon

Players on the Xbox One and PC purchased an S4-exclusive Wavesplitter in the 45-minute window between the patch going live and Bungie resetting Xur for the week.  Bungie’s response is to explain that they’re issuing an update that prevents players who got the Wavesplitter from actually equipping it. It will just sit in their inventory as a thing they got, but it cannot actually be used after the update.  Licensing contracts become ridiculously apparent to players when these blunders happen.


God of War Reigns at BAFTA Game Awards

God of War – the soft reboot of the long-running action series – took home five awards during the British Academy Game Awards show Thursday.  Every year, the British Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTA) recognizes the best games of the year.


Fortnite Added Reboot Vans Which Work Exactly Like Apex Legends’ Respawns

After months of rumors and accidental appearances of what looked like respawn-enabling vehicles in replay mode, Epic Games has finally revealed the new Reboot Vans in its latest Dev Update.  When playing in a squad, downed teammates will drop a Reboot Card that you should snatch up ASAP. Once you’ve got their card, head on over to one of the many Reboot Vans located near points of interest to get the respawn process started. You’ll need to channel at the van for a short duration in order to trigger the respawn – and once you do, its car alarm will blare out and a giant beam will shoot into the sky for all to see.