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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Come to Injustice

Later this month, Injustice 2 will be releasing its latest expansion pack, bringing the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles to the game. Each of the turtles will be playable with their own unique move-set and fighting style. They will be joining a roster of DC heroes and villains in one of the highest rated fighting games this console generation.

Kerbal Space Program Announces Expansion

Kerbal Space Program(KSP), the indie hit from Squad, announced its first expansion this week. The Making History expansion will allow players to create custom missions with different objectives, as well as adding several pre-made missions modeled after humanity’s own space race. The expansion will retail for $15 and launches on both PC and console later this year.

Redeem Nintendo Coins for Purchases

Players have already been able to accumulate Nintendo Coins on select purchases in the e-shop, and beginning in March, they will be able to use their balances toward purchasing new games. Players earn Nintendo coins at a rate of 5% of their e-purchases, similar to the Microsoft point program.

Black Ops 4 Coming 2018

Multiple sources have confirmed that Treyarch is working on Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 for release in late 2018. This would certainly make sense as it is Treyarch’s turn in the three year development cycle, and they created the other three games in the Black Ops franchise. More information will likely be revealed closer to E3 in June.

Overwatch Year of the Dog Event Begins

Beginning today, Overwatch players can experience Blizzard’s latest seasonal event in the form of Year of the Dog. The event includes a host of new  intros, skins, and sprays, and importantly also includes a new competitive capture the flag mode. In addition to the mode, the team has also developed their first exclusive capture the flag map. The event will also take place over a full month, allowing players who might be on holiday for the new year to experience it.