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Rainbow Six Siege Releases Operation White Noise

Rainbow Six Siege has detailed their final expansion for the Year 2 collection in the form of Operation White Noise. Players will be getting access to three new operators in the form of two attackers and one defender. The two new operators from South Korea will focus on combat techniques related to hacking, while the third Polish operator fires mines of both concussion and impact varieties. The update also includes a new map free to all players in the form of a South Korean high-rise. Operation White Noise is now live on Ubisoft’s test servers.

Marvel Heroes Players Demand Refunds

Original Story [Monday, November 20th] After Gazillion announced last week that Marvel Heroes would be shutting down at the end of December, and many players are demanding refunds for recently purchased content on the title. With the game scheduled to be taken offline in the near future, these claims make sense, as many recent purchases will become unusable. Most of these concerns are coming from console players where the game has only been out for around six months. Luckily, it seems that purchases under 90 days may be eligible for refund. UPDATE: On Wednesday it was announced that rather than shutting down at the end of December, Marvel Heroes will actually be shutting down Friday the 24th. This is very sudden and sure to fuel more player outrage.

Belgian Gaming Commission Rules on Lootboxes

Last week the Belgian Gaming Commission began an investigation into what they considered to be the predatory behavior of video game companies and in-game loot boxes. Earlier this week, officials ruled that loot boxes, specifically in the case of Star Wars Battlefront 2 do constitute “a game of chance” and have begun calling on the EU to deal with them in a fashion similar to gambling. Concerns have also arisen from representatives in Hawaii calling on the United States Government to take action. While it is too early to see whether any action will be taken to govern the use of lootboxes on a federal level, these accusations set an interesting precedent for the industry. It is also worth noting that as of its release last Friday, EA has shut down all paid lootboxes in Star Wars Battlefront 2, but they can still be obtained using in-game currency earned through play.

Tencent Acquires Rights to PUBG in China

Chinese investment conglomerate, Tencent, acquired the rights to distribute the popular survival game, Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds(PUBG), in China. The company has vowed to alter gameplay so that it will meet the stringent guidelines of Chinese gaming, and ensure that they “accord with socialist core values”. No details were offered on what aspects of gameplay would need to be changed other than the fact that the game is likely too brutal/violent in its current state.

Notable Releases:

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp [Mobile] Nintendo has released its third mobile game in the form of Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp. Amidst many pay-to-win controversies, early reviews seem to think that this game avoids the traditional mobile pitfalls.

Planet of the Apes: Last Frontier [PS4] – The game based on the most recent entry in the Planet of the Apes franchise has received mixed reviews so far.