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Genji and Symmetra have new skins for Blizzcon – Polygon
Each year Blizzard gives away in-game goodies to players who buy BlizzCon tickets, generally one to three items per main title. This year’s items for Overwatch include two new legendary crossover skins for Genji and Symmetra, Genji getting an Illidan skin, and Symmetra a Tyrandae skin. Blizzard has said that both skins will be available before BlizzCon. Unlocks for other games include pets and a Transmog set for WoW, unique card backs for Hearthstone; a spray portrait and mount for Heroes of the Storm; a unit skin and portraits for StarCraft 2 and more items to come for Diablo 3 in the future.

Ghost Recon: Breakpoint early impressions– GameSpot
After 6 hours of playtime in Ghost Recon: Breakpoint, gameplay, and story have proven very satisfying. Gunplay feels great as you sneak behind enemy lines, clearing or outmaneuvering roaming groups you come across. At the beginning of the game, the only negative to combat is the generally simple enemy AI: often preferring to run between cover than engage the player. Overall, Breakpoint thus far feels like a collage of mechanics reminiscent of other Ubisoft titles and struggles to create its own identity.

Destiny 2 changes with free-to-play switch –Polygon
Destiny 2 has had a hectic week, between Bungie’s split from Activision and the switch from the Battlenet Launcher to Steam. Shadowkeep has also launched along with the new free-to-play version, New Light. The game’s intro has changed as well; players now create their character and play an intro reminiscent of the first game before going directly to the main hub. Old missions are still available by talking to Amanda Holiday in the hub area.

PlayStation changes outlook on cloud gaming – Wired
Since 2014, Sony’s PlayStation Now service has been slowly growing in library size and global coverage. Before now, the service created little concern due to the overall problematic nature over the course of its lifetime. Sony has now decided to double down on the service for the better. These changes are starting with a reduction in the subscription price, an increase in popular titles, and quality fixes for when player stream games.