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Overwatch’s next Hero: Echo – GameSpot

Blizzard has just released the identity and trailer for Overwatch’s next hero, Echo. The community has been anticipating the announcement of Echo since the Overwatch 2 trailer from BlizzCon last year. The trailer gives a little background to the character but does not indicate when they will be on PTR or live. Echo’s playstyle is purportedly AI-based, filling in a support role in the game.

PS5 specs revealed – GameSpot

Sony released the full specs for their upcoming PS5 console during a GDC Livestream. The PS5 is designed to be more agile at processing and able to handle more demanding programs without slowing down. While some of the numbers and specs may be lesser than the Xbox Series X, Sony is focusing on splitting graphical and computing power between components more dynamically. They have also emphasized render times, to allow for fuller and more intricate environments.

Hearthstone gets a new class – Polygon

Hearthstone’s latest expansion, Ashes of Outland, is adding a new class to the game for the first time since launch. Illidan Stormrage, the Demon Hunter, is coming to the popular deck-builder game and will likely change the meta quite a bit. The Demon Hunter class is meant to hit fast from all sides, but not necessarily designed to last in prolonged games. This expansion also marks the start of a new story campaign that will be coming out with future releases, titled the Rusted Legion.

League of Legends and EA suspend all esports – Polygon

Riot Games and Electronic Arts have suspended all esports activities due to the coronavirus outbreak. For LoL, the champions league and developmental league have been suspended until further notice similar to Apex Legends, FIFA, and Madden. Covid-19 has had a massive global impact, with many events canceled or postponed due to multiple countries’ quarantine requirements.