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Overkill’s The Walking Dead Failed to Meet Quality Standards, Contract with Rights Owner Terminated 

A new Walking Dead game from Payday developer Starbreeze Studios, Overkill’s The Walking Dead, released back in November was a major disappointment. Now, Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman’s media company, Skybound, has ended its contract with Starbreeze for the game, citing the poor quality of the game. The PC edition of the game is being removed from Steam while the PS4 and Xbox One editions are now in question. 


Fortnite Now Has a Ping System, Just like Apex Legends 

Since Respawn Entertainment released Apex Legendsbattle royale fans have been abuzz about the game’s thoughtful communication options. With the press of a button, you can simply look at an object and tell your Apex teammates exactly what they need to know about their environment without needing a microphone at all. And now Fortnite’s got it too.   Early this morning, Epic Games launched Fortnite’s pirate-themed season 8, which includes map updates such as new locations, as well as another mode of transportation — volcano vents. 


A New Open-World Multiplayer Dune Game is Coming from Funcom 

Developer Funcom is working with Legendary Studios to develop a new open-world, multiplayer title based on the Dune series. Set to enter pre-production sometime this year, the game is the first in a line of multiple Dune projects that Funcom will be working on. The company has entered a six-year licensing agreement with Legendary and it seems this first title will be released to promote the upcoming Denis Villeneuve directed Dunefilm.  These new Dune titles will be released on both PC and consoles, though no specific platforms have been named.  


BioWare Announces Some Fixes For Anthem’s Broken Loot System 

In the midst of mounting frustration with Anthem’s end-game loot grind, BioWare has announced three main changes. First, common and uncommon equipment will no longer drop from end-game activities, helping put an end to the all too frequent pain of seeing what looks like a golden masterwork item in a pile of loot turn out to be a white item distorted by lighting effects. Second, the resources needed to craft masterwork items from blueprints will be reduced from 25 masterwork embers to 15. Finally, the random stat rolls on gear, which Anthem calls inscriptions, will now have benefits catered more specifically to the piece of gear they’re on.