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BlizzConline – Polygon
Recently, Blizzard announced BlizzConline, their formal replacement for BlizzCon 2020, airing on February 19th, 2021. So far, we know of a few events Blizzard has lined up alongside some guidelines and safety regulations. Currently, we know of no plans to discuss or showcase upcoming titles. Fans can participate in online versions of the cosplay exhibition, the March of the Murlocs, along with virtual storytelling, art, and general talent show for fans.

Many people mistakenly order an Xbox One X instead of an Xbox Series X – Polygon
Many people have struggled to pre-order the Xbox Series X due to the confusion caused by the similarity of Xbox One X and Xbox Series X console names. On Amazon, Xbox One X sales have gone up over 700% alongside with posts on social media lamenting accidental ordering of the Xbox One X. Online sellers have been slow to update their pages, which has exacerbated the issue further.

Xbox exclusivity for Bethesda moving forward – GameSpot
With Microsoft acquiring Bethesda and their parent company, ZeniMax, it’s easy to think that Xbox exclusive titles are on the horizon. Phil Spencer calls the console centered approach to gaming ‘shortsighted.’ He would rather see a higher level of subscriptions to Microsoft games regardless of the platform.

Dreamhaven – VentureBeat
Blizzard Entertainment co-founder, Mike Morhaime, has started a new game company, called Dreamhaven, along with two new studios, Moonshot and Secret Door. Mike and his wife Amy will be leading Dreamhaven as CEO and head of operations, respectively, and have brought on board a few of the industry veterans, mostly past Blizzard employees. The Morhaimes are funding the startup themselves and have two studios working on two different games at once.