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Diablo 4: How The Rogue Class, PvP, And Open World Work – GameSpot

While Diablo 4 will not be coming out in 2021, BlizzConline revealed some new details about what to expect. Blizzard introduced a new Rogue Class, outlined the details of future PvP, and briefly touched on new elements of open-world design. A conversation with the game and art directors points to the game’s return into dark-fantasy and a direction towards a more shared experience set in an open world.

PS5 and Xbox Series X Component Shortages to be Investigated, Biden Says – GameRant

Sony and Microsoft, among others, have joined together seeking help from administration as they ran out of semiconductor components necessary to complete PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X consoles. The disruption in supply chains can be traced back to COVID-19 business interruptions. President Biden will be launching an investigation, as semiconductors also facilitate solid-state lasers used to designate missile targets, all relevant in matters of national security.

Overwatch 2: Everything we know about the unconventional sequel – PC Gamer

Overwatch is getting some exciting updates to the game, as additional details came out during BlizzCon 2021. New items to watch for with this expansion are new heroes, skill trees, PvP maps, and more. This expansion is a delight to everyone as in addition to all of the above, the lore brings character stories into a much tighter focus. Overwatch and Overwatch 2 will be compatible after the release, so players can enjoy either one.


Digital Gaming Market Research Report 2021 Elaborate Analysis With Growth Forecast To 2028 – MarketWatch

The increased use of Smartphones and tablets for gaming fuels growth in the digital gaming market, expected to grow 20% in the next 10 years. The preference for paymium and freemium subscription models supports growth in the Asia Pacific, the Middle East, and Africa. Integration of virtual technologies is a major trend in the industry. However, this is hampered by both internet bandwidth and restrictive government policies in some countries.