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Why a backpack is causing fan outrage – Polygon
Character differentiation, using appearance, is highly prized among WoW players. WoW rewards players with a much coveted-for appearance differentiation item, in this case, a backpack, but only after the player has managed to recruit a friend who pays for an online subscription. This marketing tactic has the fans fuming!

Sea of Thieves launches Smugglers Fortune and ads pets – Polygon
Sea of Thieves’ latest monthly update, Smugglers Fortune, goes live today bringing new content. Players can embark on a new type of voyage and buy cosmetics from the new Pirate Emporium store. The Pirate Emporium offers new ship liveries, emotes, and most notably pets. The Emporium uses a premium currency that can be bought with real money or earned in-game through specific activities.

R6Siege, Ember Rise now live – GameSpot
Rainbow 6 Siege’s next big update, Ember Rise, starts rolling out today; coming to PS4, PC, and Xbox in order. After a maintenance period, all players will have access to the new content, balance changes, and improvements. Most notable among this expansion are the two new operators players can buy and the official implementation of the battle pass. The battle pass in Season 4 will serve as a trial run to determine the role of battle passes in the future.

EA launches cloud streaming service test- The Verge
EA has announced a closed technical test for their new game streaming service titled Project Atlas. Players selected to participate will be able to stream four games selected to test stability. The eventual goal for Project Atlas is to allow gamers to play EA titles on a broad selection of devices, including Smart TVs, PCs, tablets and smartphones. No real information is yet available as to pricing or game selection on the streaming service. Nevertheless, this will likely put EA ahead of many competitors.