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Gamescom 2022 Company of Heroes- Development Q&A – CompanyofHeroes.com

During Gamescom 2022 in Cologne, Germany players were able to take part in a live demo of Company of Heroes 3, featuring maps for a North African scrimmage or the Italian campaign. Executive Producer, Steve Mele and System Designer, Andy Fedorchuk, were on hand to give feedback on a variety of CoH 3 community questions.


The biggest announcements from Sony’s September State of Play – TheVerge.com 

Sony released a new trailer for God of War: Ragnarok at its State of Play this September. The trailer featured play-action sequences and more in-depth game lore. Sony will also be releasing a Ragnarok-themed DualSense controller alongside the game in November.


Halo boss Bonnie Ross steps down as head of 343 Industries – Polygon.com 

Bonnie Ross, Halo’s head developer at 343 Industries, will be stepping down from her position after 15 years with the team. Ross oversaw many of the Halo games, most recently Halo Infinite. Brian Koski, Head of Marketing, will be taking over the job of franchise general manager while other of Ross’ responsibilities will be distributed throughout 343 Industries.


EA’s CEO is following the money to more games with player-created content – TheVerge.com

Axios reports EA’s CEO, Andrew Wilson, sees great potential in the player creation content model. Currently, the team at EA’s Skate is working on tools for player-made collaboration. Wilson also discusses the direction of Battlefield with the addition of Apex Legend’s Vince Zampella being added to the leadership.