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Next Overwatch novel to star McCree and Ashe – Polygon

A listing for a second Overwatch novel recently went live on Amazon France. It tells the story of how a young McCree and Ashe founded the Deadlock gang. Though the listing was premature, a Blizzard representative confirmed that the description was accurate, and the book shall arrive in 2021, published by Scholastic. Overwatch itself is currently receiving small updates as fans await the release of Overwatch 2; the novel series is part of a promotional line for the sequel.


Call of Duty: Modern Warfare/Warzone wall-hack patch – Polygon

Infinity Ward pushed out a quick update following the discovery of a wall-hack bug with the AS VAL in Modern Warfare and Warzone; this patch also balances the SP-R 208 and SKS. Prior to this patch, players discovered a problematic bug with the AS VAL and its SSP 10-R mags that allows for full penetration of multiple solid walls without any damage fall-off. As for the SP-R 208, the marksman rifle now has increased flinch and slower aiming speed after this patch. The SKS got its aiming speed reduced.


Skye, Valorant’s new Agent – GameSpot

A new trailer from Riot shows off the new Valorant Agent: Skye. Skye is an initiator-class Agent that appears to use animal themed gadgets to heal and damage. She will be playable on October 27th with patch 1.11. Her abilities focus on support more than damage, with concussive and flash effects and healing ability.


Fortnite: Epic Games vs. Apple Trial – GameSpot

The extended disagreement over Apple’s iOS digital marketplace policies has resulted in a trial between Epic Games and Apple. The case will begin on May 3rd, 2021, and will not have any jury present. Due to the ongoing pandemic, the court has yet to decide if this trial will be virtual or hosted in-person. Epic Games argues that Apple has created a monopoly on iOS digital stores. Apple has little defense against these claims as the House Judiciary Committee on antitrust recently released a report claiming Apple, alongside a few other corporations, holds monopoly power in the tech industry.