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Rainbow Six Siege Money Heist event – GameSpot
This weekend brings two significant events for Rainbow Six Siege: another free to play window and a new gameplay event, a tie-in for the Netflix series Money Heist. The gameplay event adds eight items to the game, including headgear, uniforms charms, and weapon skins. In the game, Heist puts players in a match of hostage on the bank map. As for the free weekend, players can try Siege free from November 21st to November 24th and buy the game at various discounted rates.

Borderlands 3’s first campaign DLC launches December 2019 – Polygon
Borderlands 3’s first campaign DLC, titled “Moxie’s Heist of the Handsome Jackpot” launches December 19th. Players will need to progress in the main story to unlock content for this DLC, which brings them to a Casino area to fight Hyperion robots and “crazed casino-goers” to reach a jackpot of legendary weapons and Eridium. DLC content will scale to player level so they cannot over-level and come back. BL3’s season pass includes Moxie’s Heist.

Star Wars: Fallen Order review – GameSpot
Star Wars: Fallen Order is one of the rare Star Wars games that works beyond the façade of the Star Wars title by expanding upon existing lore while maintaining core themes from the series. Fallen Order’s inter-character relationships are one of the games strongest points, giving a real feeling of isolation and friendship depending on the situation. A good portion of the gameplay involves exploring areas and solving puzzles similar to Tomb Raider.

Elective mode confirmed for Diablo 4 – Polygon
A recent post on the Diablo 3 website revealed Blizzard’s plans to work with the community to gauge what players want to see in Diablo 4. Most notably among this reveal was the return of the Elective system, an option for players to map any ability to any slot on their action bar, instead of forcing them to have pre-selected bindings. This notice is a clarification for the misconception received form the recent Blizzcon’s Diablo 4 demo, which ran on an unfinished built and was not meant to represent the final product.