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November 17, 2017


EA Battlefront Release Recap

It’s been a week of changes in regard to EA’s Star Wars Battlefront 2 with angry players taking to the internet to combat the game’s monetization tactics. For those who haven’t been following, here’s a quick …

November 24, 2017


Rainbow Six Siege Releases Operation White Noise

Rainbow Six Siege has detailed their final expansion for the Year 2 collection in the form of Operation White Noise. Players will be getting access to three new operators in the form of …

December 1, 2017


Animal Crossing Passes 15 Million Downloads

Nintendo’s newest mobile game, Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp is a hit, reaching over 15 million downloads in under a week after releasing. This makes the game the second most successful launch for Nintendo, just …

December 8, 2017


Star Wars Battlefront 2 The Last Jedi Season 

Despite setbacks regarding the game’s progression system and microtransactions, Star Wars Battlefront 2 will be receiving a free content update to coincide with the release of The Last Jedi. Players will be …

December 15, 2017


Overwatch Winter Wonderland Event Begins

Tis the season for seasonal events, and as with last year, Overwatch is bringing back its Winter Wonderland, with a few new changes. First off, there’s a new brawl mode coming to the arcade in …

January 5, 2018


Sumo Digital Acquires CCP New Castle

CCP’s New Castle branch, known for working on Eve Online, and Eve: Valkyrie has been acquired by Sumo Digital, the studio currently working on Crackdown 3 and Dead Island 2. So far there …

January 12, 2018


Mad Catz Back With New Gear

After filing for bankruptcy in March of last year, the future of off-brand gaming peripheral company, Mad Catz was uncertain. Now, they’ve announcced a new line of gaming peripherals aimed specifically at the PC …

January 19, 2018


Nintendo Labo Announced

On Wednesday, Nintendo held its second direct in two weeks, announcing a new set of add-ons for the Switch called Nintendo Labo. These add-ons come in the form of small construction sets, made mostly from cardboard, that …