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Execs see risks of operating without ethical tech standards | Deloitte –

The latest survey by Deloitte suggests that tech executives think that a lack of ethical standards is behind worker turnover and distress. The survey also reveals that although there is recognition that there should be industry standards; just who is qualified to set those standards remains unclear.

Summer gaming events 2023: with E3 canceled, here’s what’s next –

With the cancellation of E3, gamers can expect an uptick in individual companies hosting their own showcases and announcement events this summer. Sony and Microsoft both have events scheduled in a matter of weeks, while Nintendo has set its Nintendo Live event for early September.

Elden Ring won a Nebula Award, the third for George R.R. Martin –

Elden Ring has received the 2023 Nebula Award in recognition for “best writing in a video game” by the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America. George R.R. Martin is a beloved storyteller by the SFWA, which has recognized Martin’s fictional works with over 14 past nominations.

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom sells 10M copies in 3 days –

Thirty-seven years have passed since his original debut, and players are still clamoring for Link’s adventures as this past weekend made Tears of the Kingdom Nintendo’s “fastest-selling title in The Legend of Zelda series,” with over 10 million copies sold in three days.

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