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Our team of expert behavioral scientists have provided support
to some of the industry’s largest and most prominent games

4-stage process

Our approach is to not only understand the past and present, but also to change the trajectory of the future.

The first stage of a journey is to understand where you are now, in terms of well-designed telemetry, accurate KPIs, timely dashboards, and “Quick Looks” to answer critical business questions.

While KPIs and dashboards can tell you how you are doing, they don’t tell you why. By identifying segments, patterns of behavior, player journeys, and customer personas, we help clients to build deeper understanding of the dynamics behind the numbers.

Our custom and automated forecasting approaches use ensemble modeling to provide self-adjusting and highly accurate forecasts for a variety of metrics, including revenue, daily or monthly active users, peak concurrency, churn, build adoption, and other key business metrics.

Whether it is through A/B testing or working directly with your business and design teams, we don’t believe our job is finished when we provide analysis. Our goal is to help change your trajectory to increase profit, engagement, and business growth.

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