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Our behavioral scientists have helped large, complex organizations both in the USA and overseas to achieve greater levels of information-driven success.

4-stage process

Our approach is to not only understand the past and present, but also to change the trajectory of the future.

The first stage of a journey is to understand where you are now, in terms of well-designed telemetry, accurate KPIs, timely dashboards, and “Quick Looks” to answer critical business questions.

While KPIs and dashboards can tell you how you are doing, they don’t tell you why. By identifying segments, patterns of behavior, player journeys, and customer personas, we help clients to build deeper understanding of the dynamics behind the numbers.

Our custom and automated forecasting approaches use ensemble modeling to provide self-adjusting and highly accurate forecasts for a variety of metrics, including revenue, daily or monthly active users, peak concurrency, churn, build adoption, and other key business metrics.

Whether it is through A/B testing or working directly with your business and design teams, we don’t believe our job is finished when we provide analysis. Our goal is to help change your trajectory to increase profit, engagement, and business growth.

Overcoming Blindspots and Building Organizational Resilience

Increasingly, the workplace is characterized by stressors. Demands on time, working remotely, pressure to meet goals, and the dynamics of working in teams or in a hierarchy all create the unique potential to trigger cognitive threats. These threats lead to quick and instinctive decision making, which at times, can cause organizations to:

  • Simplify by grabbing information that may support a particular case while missing other insights;
  • Unify by discouraging other opinions or dissent, or
  • Justify by making decisions that are more about “selling” an idea than objectively choosing the best path forward.

These are ‘cognitive blindspots.’ If left unchecked, they can lead to dysfunctional teams, poor decisions, and strategic failure. However, by leveraging our personal cognitive makeup for maximum effectiveness, a workforce can become both engaged and resilient.

This approach is not about assigning labels or about trying to dissect the workplace into a few statements. It is about self-discovery and leveraging who we are as individuals for strategic success as a team.

In partnership with Oxford Brain Institute, our team leverages the latest research to help our clients identify and overcome ‘cognitive blindspots’ within their teams, resulting in an improved business decision-making process. Please reach out to us at TeamHealth@nsiteam.com to get started! Blindspot Brochure

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