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Fortnite maker teams up with Lego for a Kid-friendly metaverse – Polygon.com

The Lego Group and Epic Games are collaborating on a new “creatively inspiring and engaging” kid-friendly metaverse. While licenses with brands Marvel, DC, and Star Wars are sure to generate anticipation for this new venture, the game developers are prioritizing children’s safety and privacy.


Epic Games releases Unreal Engin 5 for next-generation games – VentureBeat.com

Epic Games announces their release of Unreal Engin 5 for game developers featuring the ability to render “real-time worlds in incredibly high-fidelity detail.” Unreal Engin 5 has the capacity to revolutionize the future of gaming and movie making. The current version of Fortnite Chapter 3 or The Matrix Awakens: An Unreal Engin 5 Experience demonstrates the new features of UE5.


E3 2022 is canceled – TheVerge.com

Will Powers, PR lead for Razer, has announced E3 is officially canceled for 2022 amidst continuing pandemic concerns. Originally set as an in-person event, E3 was reformatted as an online-only exhibition as of January. ESA is expecting a return of an in-person E3 in 2023, but in the meantime, many publishers like Nintendo and Sony have held their own online showcases.


Minecraft launches Rivercraft – GamesIndustry.biz

Minecraft releases the new world of Rivercraft aimed at creating an immersive environment for children to experience climate change and environmental impacts. Players will tackle important issues such as flood prevention while learning teamwork and engineering concepts bridging the gap between gaming, learning, and application.